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Why Choose Us?

In the current scenario safety and growth of our hard earned money is very decisive. KSTAR is a trusted financial advisor of more than 2500 clients. KSTAR offers a broad range of financial products to its customer’s viz. Mutual Funds, Health Insurance, Share Trading. Our credit products include income generating loans and other loan products for various household purposes whereas insurance products include life and health insurance covers issued and underwritten by certain Indian insurance companies with whom we have entered into tie-ups. Term loans to microfinance institutions are also available with us.

Our Values


Our financial products and processes are transparent to our clients such that the information communicated to them is clear, sufficient and timely in a manner and language clients can understand so that clients can make informed decisions.


We maintain a creative culture in our organization, where employees are encouraged to learn and innovate in their day to day work. Also, product, process and business model innovation are integral to Kstar Group.

Customer Centric

Our products and processes are offered as per customer needs and realities keeping in mind. Customers are considered as important stakeholders. We serve customer needs in an effective & efficient manner. Our Staff behave in a dignified and respectful manner with our customers at all times.

Our Products

Financial Planning

A financial plan is the road map for your financial life. It covers major financial areas of your life addressing aspects such as cash flow, savings, debt management, risk management, children's education planning, taxes, retirement, estate planning, and of course, investments and a strategy for managing them.

Mutual Fund

Mutual funds are a type of certified managed combined investment scheme that gathers money from many investors to buy securities. It offers an affordable way to invest in a wide array of stocks without paying transaction fees. The investment is continuously monitored by the fund's portfolio managers.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance secures your life from financial losses, which occurred due to the unexpected or premature death of the insurer. Life insurance policy provides much-needed cover against risk. It is a guarantee for payment of a stated death benefit if the covered person dies during a specified term.

Health Insurance

A health insurance plan covers critical illness that means you can insure yourself against the risk of serious illness. It is a trusted way to ensure a healthy and financially stable future as it covers all your medical and surgical expenses including hospitalization, treatment, medicine, doctor's fee and more.

Stock Trading

Equities are market-linked investments that do not come with an assurance of bearing fixed returns. Equity without a doubt is the greatest tool for building wealth. Investing in equity shares is popular because they give high-returns. It is very easy for anyone to buy and sell stocks.

Tax Advisory Services

Planning is the key to successfully and legally reducing your tax liability. We go beyond tax compliance and proactively recommend tax-saving strategies to maximize your after-tax income. The Tax saving strategy should be finalized on an individual basis after discussion.

General Insurance

General Insurance helps to protect ourselves and the things we value. It includes a non-life insurance product like Automobiles, travel, Critical Illness, Shop Insurance, Travel Mishaps, Fire Insurance and more. One can pay a monthly or annual premium in General Insurance policy.

Loan Product

A loan is a process of borrowing money with a promise of return within a specific period. There would be a fixed rate of interest that you need to pay on the money you borrow, along with the principle amount. A loan against property is one of the most common forms of a secured loan.